Monday, September 3, 2012

Things to Do in Beaver When You're Not Dead

I've survived the pitfalls of the wilderness west of Circleville.  Now could I live through forty eight hours stuck in Beaver?

1.  Explore Beaver: I walked around downtown to see the sights.  Once I was done I still had forty seven hours and forty five minutes to kill.  Beaver is the birthplace of Butch Cassidy, but I have to admit I'm getting sick of the dude by now. Who cares if he was good at hide and seek as an eight year old or robbed his first bank at five?

2.  Meet with the Professionals: When I checked in Tuesday night I discovered I was not alone.  According to the hotel clerk a couple more long distance hikers had a room.  I was certain it was Boston and Cubby so I gave the man permission to tell them my room number.  Privacy issues prevented him from giving me theirs.  The two young ladies paid me a call the next morning, carrying a generous bag of edible goodies for me in their arms (although maybe not the bug spray, that tasted terrible).  We sat and compared disaster stories.  They shared the misery of their missing water caches in Eastern Utah and I spoke of my blundering attempts to arrive here.  They spent Wednesday doing errands and returned to the ADT Thursday morning.  The way they move I expect their finish date to be next Tuesday.

3.  Become a regular: There were only two restaurants of note close to my hotel.  Happily, they were both quite good.  3B was my favorite, the owner Ted serving up sensational burritos smothered in the house hot sauce. He is often asked what 3B stands for, so he came up with a list of possibilities and challenges the customer to come up with their own suggestions.  I humbly submit Beaver's badass burritos. 

4. Blog: Mainly I spent my waking hours catching up on the journal and watching TV.  I was a week and a half behind on the blog and both of my readers were really hassling me.  I managed to post most of the backlog while taking in seventeen consecutive episodes of "Dirty Jobs," a show I don't even really enjoy.  Great success!

The new jogger was delivered on Thursday.  Using 2% ingenuity and 98% dumb luck I assembled the contraption.  I am back in business tomorrow morning. 

o miles/3271 total miles    

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you are safe and posting again too!! I missed it last week.