Monday, September 3, 2012

Return of the Idols

August 27

Each action has an equal and opposite reaction. When you go down into a valley you must them come up the other side. I faced this task to start the day, filled with a deep foreboding, as if about to enter the gates of Mordor. My water consumption thus far had exceeded my projections. Could I manage to ration the last gallons? I was already starting to sweat profusely. How would my will fare when the cooking began in earnest?
As I sat in the shade of a rare juniper resting a white truck pulled off in front of me. Was this the chariot of my savior or my destroyer? Thirty miles from all aid I prayed the former.
The wispy white locks atop Karen's head and hanging from Jerry's chin announced the entrance of angels. My troubles were soon vanquished by their care, concern, and other words that start with c I can't think of right now. The two ADT hikers were heading to Milford to start burying water for their own trek through Western Utah and Nevada. They furnished me with a couple of extra gallons, inflated the buggy's tires, and Jerry gave me a pair of sunglasses to replace those I had lost.
They then headed to Milford to start caching. When they came back through hours later they had retrieved my hat and grabbed me a berry Smoothie. After a moment's hesitation I chose to drink the icy beverage instead of rubbing it all over my body.
Obviously my outlook improved following our meeting. Where before I had been cursing the huge empty space, I now saw the gift bestowed upon me. Where else can you seemingly have twenty square miles to yourself? I walked and I watched sand storms forming and dispersing across the valley, ethereal spirits dancing for the wind's pleasure. All of a sudden I appreciated the wonders of this great journey, this once in a lifetime opportunity.

22 miles/3339 total miles

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