Monday, September 3, 2012

Put Away Your Magic Underwear

August 29

I was awoken at dawn by three visitors, a pack of dogs scurrying to and fro around by tent, investigating this strange interloper. I dubbed them Hot, As, and Balls. As had disappeared by the time of my emergence, no doubt upset at being given such an improper name.
Hot and Balls stuck around and did all they could to delay my leaving. Covered in dog slobber and four days without a shower I considered entering my current fragrance in the Stench d'Or for 2012. Held in Paris at the Eiffel Tower dumpster, this totally made-up competition will judge the best of the worst in human bodily odiriferousness.
Hot and Balls followed me down 21, Hot giving up after two miles to chase a rabbit. Balls ended up being the most loyal canine companion yet, pursuing the shadow of the half-buggy, half-man for three hours. She was a well-behaved little brown dog of indeterminant breed, clearly having been trained by her owner. When traffic appeared Balls usually responded hastily to my call of "come here."
When I entered Garrison Balls disappeared, never to be seen again (I can hear Slave shouting "Geethus Chrise"). The settlement was not much to look at, a few houses, post office, and an Utah Department of Transportation office, one lone car parked in the lot.
On the other side lay a pair of milestones, the Nevada border and the Pacific Time Zone. I floated the final few hundred yards like a ghost wearing water wings. At arrival I took the obligatory border crossing picture and said goodby to the land of magic underpants.
I didn't linger long, for a warm bed awaited me six miles on in Baker. I checked in at the Silver Jack Inn at four only to learn some bad news. My father was scheduled to join me tomorrow, but has been delayed due to health problems my stepmother is suffering. He will now tentatively meet me in Ely to provide support.
I felt mixed emotions after such a series of events. I finished a state and a time zone, earned hot food and a soft bed, but I lost Dad (temporarily) and lost my Balls (forever).

17 miles/3378 total miles

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