Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Iron Lady and the Lake

September 22

I felt like a midget playing basketball, never destined to reach the rim.  Uphill, upgrade, upset, Uppsala, use whatever word you prefer.  Gravity was against me and I battled to gain every inch of Robert Plant's love.
Hobart Reservoir provided a short respite and filled my water tanks as well.  More climbing followed, naturally.  Carson City's elevation is 4500 feet and the Tahoe Rim Trail averages around 9000.  I didn't finish bridging the gap until late morning.  When I did, Tahoe lay before me.  Seeing the enormous lake took my breath away, like in that "Top Gun" song.  The dazzling cerulean blue was impressive even from cruising altitude.

Exhausted already, I was in need of distraction and the Lord did provide via Anna, who came jogging up behind me.  We kibbitzed for the next hour as we made our way.  Anna is a young professional working in the bio-medical field.  Her company has developed a laser which will allow Diabetes patients to check their glucose levels without pricking their fingers.  In her spare time she trains for and competes in those short little Iron Man races. 
We parted at the trail's intersection with Tunnel Creek Road.  There waiting was Trevor Oxborrow.  He was doing a bit of preparation himself, training for an upcoming mountain bike competition.  He had waited patiently at the crossroads to check on my progress and condition.  Did I mention yet how awesome the Oxborrows are?
I worked for a few more hours after our meeting, bumping into a series of bicyclists and a handful of other hikers.  I'm glad to have company on the trail once more.  I don't walk alone because I hate people - there just wasn't anyone interesting in joining me for a short four thousand mile stroll. 

16 miles/3777 total miles  

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