Monday, September 3, 2012

Just Deserts

August 28

Early in the morning I neared the Desert Experimental Station. I knew about this place thanks to the secret map I purchased at the Conoco in Green River. There were no big signs and only a short barb wire fence, easily leapt blocked entry. Too easy, I thought. The ground is surely riddled with electronic sensors and explosive mines.
My fourth cousin's grandson's barber had told me about the things that go on here. I trust the man like my own pair of clippers and I promised to investigate the nefarious place, perhaps the real location of Area 51.
Not today, however, as I have more walking to do. Stepping in mines tends to slow my pace and I have a date with the loving arms of Baker tomorrow I plan on keeping. I will just have to sneak in and view the invisible airplane on another occasion.
Little by little I made twenty two miles, which I had set as my pace for the first three days out of Milford. A good distance, but manageable, unlikely to cause injury.
At the end of the day's toil I found a flat sandy spot next to a sign pointing to Burbank. Not the well known Los Angeles suburb, but nevertheless a reminder that California will soon be on my mind. Wednesday I enter Nevada, the last landlocked state I will cross. The Pacific is still far in the distance, but I feel as if I can begin to smell the ocean breeze.

22 miles/3361 total miles

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