Monday, September 3, 2012

Entering Beaver


My wake up call came at dawn when Cody sped up on his four wheeler, headed out to hunt.  He let me know Mom had gotten me a hotel in Beaver for the next two nights.  Fired up at the thought of hot food, a shower, and a warm bed I hurredly prepared for departure.
Yesterday's fiasco had left me only slightly closer than the morning before.  I might as well have been walking in a Cuisinart, spinning around in circles until I was shot out in a random direction.  The hunters all estimated I had twenty miles left to Beaver.
I strode with purpose, bent on my goal.  I don't know when I joined Fremont Wash, but the presence of a wash, Upper Fremont Ranch, and the fact I was headed west assured me I was on the correct road.  Signs in places where no one goes are rare because no one needs to ever read them.  You probably knew that already.
It took the entire morning but I reached the frontage road next to I-15.  My cel returned from a ten day coma and I used the revived device to contact Mom and Colin.  Speaking to my family raised my spirits so high they lost the limbo contest, relieving the loneliness which is a potent enemy out here in the great open spaces of the west. 
The last few miles were not without their difficulties.  A heavy shower fell and I retreated under an overpass.  I was coaxed out by impatience and carried on to the outskirts of Beaver, where the rain ceased.  At this point my feet staged a boycott.  They had taken me to safety and would not budge a step more.  They throbbed horribly, so suffused with blood I thought they might explode like the fat man in Monty Python's "Meaning of Life."  No matter, an army of kung fu robots was not going to keep me from that hotel.
I dragged myself into town and checked into the Best Western at five.  Mom called and informed me a new stroller was on its way, set to arrive Thursday.  I would be forced to rest for a couple of days.  Bummer. 

23 miles/3271 total miles*

*As I noted yesterday I have no idea how far I wandered in the woods.  I have a slightly better idea about today, but am not certain.  Therefore we will go with the ADT distance.  I walked much further but since it didn't really take me anywhere I guess we can't count it, especially since it would be a compeletely imaginary number.

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