Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Visit From Dick and Doody Calls

June 14 and 15

Thursday was spent with Dick Bratton, the state coordinator for the American Discovery Trail in Colorado.  We enjoyed a nice meal as he told me about the wonderland I have in store for me as I head into the Rockies.  The terrain for so many miles composed of tilled farmland and grazed pastures changes to an endless row of massive mastifs and stunning vistas. 
I also learned about the legends who scouted this immense trail, golden gods like the Seaborgs, the Footes, and the Cottrells.  I am honored to follow in their footsteps on the rare occasions when I avoid being lost or purposefully wander off the ADT when the urge to be a fickle fluttering butterfly takes hold. 

Friday I returned to work.  After a lengthy and descriptive pooping play-by-play from Emily, who may perhaps be the next Howard Cosell, I was taken by Kimmy to the Bear Creek Trail to commence the western leg of the ADT.  The path acted as sort of a tunnel through the city scape of western Denver's suburbia.  I could see only the creek, the trees, and the surrounding parkland.  There was little hint of what was ahead in the distance. 
At Fox Hollow Golf Course I emerged into the open and realized the mountains were no longer a far off dream.  They were a reality only lying a few short miles to my west.  I pursued them through the first rainstorm worth mentioning since eastern Nebraska.  The dry, flat, and arid plains are now a thing of the past. Beauty and amazement are now a thing of the present - and I plan to gape like a slack-jawed yokel upon the astonishing landscape every chance I get. 
I entered Morrison with towering peaks (midgets compared to what is to come) on either side.  Gold drew the original settlers, including the founder, Scotsman turned Canadian turned American George Morrison.  The most notable site in the town is Red Rocks Amphitheatre, one of the more unique music venues in the world.  Perhaps I will gaze upon their visage on the morrow, but for now my ride is here and Emily has more tales of the bowels to tell.  Doody calls. 

11 miles/2542 total miles

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