Friday, June 8, 2012

Castle Rock Me Like a Hurricane

June 7
The Castle Rock

The big day finally arrived.  I have dragged my pack many miles since entering Colorado only last Monday.  After one more walk my friend Ben Cantu, a fellow Charlestonian who has found a home in Castle Rock, was set to pick me up and take me to the Denver area for a weekend of fun and relaxation.  I had originally balked thinking Cujo lived here.  I'm really sick of being chased by rabid dogs.  Once informed Cujo actually dines in Castle Rock, Maine I was all about the visit.
I've only taken one real rest day since landing in Eppley Airport on April 26.  I could almost hear my back, shoulders, feet, and knees applaud in relief at the news.
Of course there were still seventeen miles in between me and freedom, so I marched with renewed vigor towards the finish line.  Again the scenery was not exactly awesome to behold.  More natural gas facilities lined roads like Industrial Park and Evans Ditch, not exactly terrain likely to end up within the pages of National Geographic.  Admittedly, there were a couple deer and a few prairie dogs, but the dominate theme was a fetid stench, a sour smell of sewage, but not quite.  I could not identify the culprit for this foul aroma - all I could do was mouth breath and lengthen my already hurried stride. 
I made Platteville and the arranged rendezvous point by three, sat down and awaited Ben's arrival.  When he came through the door we hugged like long lost brothers.  Ben was as excited as I, using my visit as a chance to take a break from his doctoral studies and his music teaching business.
We went downtown and shared a few beers at the Denver brewery before meeting his beautiful girlfriend Anna for a fabulous dinner of sushi.  I'd say more, but frankly there won't be too much more writing over the next few days.  My attention is focused on seeing my friends and soaking in as much of this fabulous city in the mountains as I can.

17 miles/2481 total miles

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