Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lead Head

June 25

I would have left Turquoise Lake early on Monday morning except the damn thing went on forever and ever.  Instead two hours plus were required to leave the infernal labyrinth they claim is a ring road.  On the positive side most of this movement dropped me to the lake level, which I was far above at the start.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, which means nothing to me as one who has rejected all scientific knowledge since birth.   The implication, as I don't understand it, is that I would have to climb to Leadville, which has the highest elevation of any incorporated city in America.
Having been out in the wilderness for many days I was desperate to reach the town and refused to stop.  Inevitably I was wasted by the time I reached those lofty Leadville heights.  Leisure was right out since I had too many things to do.  Groceries, library, maps, a book, and a few other items that I can't remember right now were all necessary.  I couldn't even find time to visit the Leadville Mining Museum and hear about all their famous members like him, that guy, some dude, and Leadbelly.
I also had to plan for tomorrow, when I will hike a 14,000 foot peak because I hate myself and friend Ben is a facilitator.    I needed to contact this evil man and since Sprint is owned by the devil I had no service again.  I picked the contact mommy on Facebook option and she saved the day again by calling Ben and informing him I would be staying at Half Moon Campground.
Of course, I didn't end up being where I thought I would.  This happenstance was not the result of Satan's chicanery but rather my laziness.  I realized upon actually thinking momentarily that Half Moon was a little too far to make before dark.  I also was seduced by a pretty city which happened to have delicious pizza and beer as a drawing card.
At the High Mountain Pie I met Christine, an AT hiker from 2000 who had met her husband Luke on three days into the long trek.  She suggested I stay at the Leadville hostel only a few blocks away.  Then I could join her, Luke, sister Maggie, and a gaggle of their children for a few libations.  The children, aged one to eight, were kind enough to offer their services as sober drivers.
Maggie let me use her phone to notify Ben of my new whereabouts.  He had been doing some hiking of his own in the area and had decided to come over to Leadville tonight rather than driving back and forth from Castle Rock.  He arrived an hour later and we retreated to the hostel for the evening.

9 miles/2672 total miles

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