Friday, June 8, 2012

Serenity Later

The Rainbow Arch Bridge in Fort Morgan
June 3

In the A.M. I was treated to breakfast, a haircut, and another shower courtesy of the Norvells.  More of this cleanliness and I'll never be the dirt-encrusted hiker everyone lusts over.  Joel even handed me a pair of crocs which were too big for him.  Funny how people who are this giving and caring are never the ones with Ferraris and Hummers in the driveway.  Joel works at a halfway house as a corrections officer and Angie is a teacher.  They know what we do to assist others in need is more important than the false green God many Americans worship.
I was as sad to leave as I have been at any time on this trip, but the Norvells have their own lives and there are still many more miles ahead.  On the road again in Snyder I worked on eliminating a few.
Another hot, relatively still day greeted me.  At least the rattlesnakes were driven off the road by the exceptional heat.  Joel and others had noted the extremely large specimens which had been seen in the area recently.  I didn't care to be introduced.
I trudged north of the river, but not close enough to enjoy the shade trees along its banks.  My right side was in agony, a rash has formed where the friction of the straps and my pants have rubbed a nice raw spot.
On the bright side, the distance to cover was shorter than usual.  Hopes of publicity for the Wounded Warrior Project kept me from going beyond Fort Morgan.  Even better, a park with camping lay on the near side of town.  By four I had crossed the Rainbow Arch pedestrian bridge, which in its younger days (1923-88) carried auto traffic over the South Platte.  I made for a shelter in the park, escaping the sun's oppression, at least for now.

How suddenly our feelings change....cottonwood fluff is now falling in such volume it appears to be snowing....the day's struggles have been swallowed up by a quiet serenity.

14 miles/2402 total miles

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