Thursday, June 14, 2012

Late For a Date with Aquaman

June 12
The Denver Skyline from afar.

We returned to Brighton in mid-morning, Kimmy driving and her daughters Anne and Emily providing the entertainment. The three year old Emily showed off her gregarious nature by talking for the entire hour long ride.  Sometimes she even made sense.  Her younger sister occasionally tried to get a word in edgewise but either she has a chunk of food lodged in her throat or her language is not identifiable as any of the thousands spoken by humans. 
Once delivered to Veterans Park I swiftly made for Riverdale Road, where I would spend the majority of the day's walk.  Rob, who works in law enforcement, had mentioned that he had little knowledge of the area through which I would be passing, Denver suburbs known as Henderson and Thornton.  I was sad to hear I wouldn't have the chance to capture on camera old ladies being mugged and meth lab explosions, but I perservered through this safe area nonetheless.  Alas, not every scrap of trail on the ADT is as exciting as an episode of "CSI Fargo".
I'd originally suggested a rendezvous point in the area of the Denver Aquarium but the distance of twenty one miles in only six hours proved a bridge way too far.  We had scheduled a four o clock pickup to try to beat Denver traffic and my calculations had not actually factored in the realities of the space-time continuum. 
I didn't even reach the South Platte Trail until two in the afternoon.  I could see the skyline of downtown, but I wouldn't be touching it today (or tomorrow because I am too short).  The best I was able to achieve was the corner of York Avenue and Highway 224, from which the Wilson women retrieved me at the appropriate time. 

15 miles/2516 total miles

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