Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Insert Nike Slogan Here

I'm finishing up the final preparations for my long walk, a trip bound to rival that of Jack Kerouac's albeit slower and without the copious use of narcotics. I'll be driving up with Dad and Nalan (stepmom) on Friday, a ten hour marathon via car to the starting line in Delaware. They will be walking with me on Saturday as will my friend Scott - his wife Sue and her parents will also be joining us at various stages.
For those of you who have requested PayPal info from me so you could help with expenses, I have added a widget to the website - you'll see the chip in button to the right, just click there and you can make your contribution.
I just wanted to say one last thank you to all those who have helped me with preparations, donations, pledges, and sponsorships. I would never have even gotten to the starting line without your help and encouragement - I am lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends, a supportive family, and some great new friends I have met while preparing for the journey. As I have found during the last weeks, opinions are like noses, everyone has one (except for maybe lepers). The conversations I have had with many of you have helped me to be a lot more ready than I would be otherwise.
I want so much to pay back your faith in me and to make the walk a great success for the Wounded Warrior Project. Most of us appreciate good dialogue, but the action sequences are where the money is made.

The Ever-Expanding Role of Honor

Donny Abercrombie
Steve Borklund
John Bowman
Dan Buckley
John Byrd
Rhea and Christine Byrd
Weston and Cheryl Cheatham
Sue Donnelly
Jessica Fowler
Chad Gangwer
Scott and Sue Gelinas
Brady and Jennifer Gilbert
Barbara Green
Devon Wray Hanahan
Kathy Haney
Anne Hawkes
Ellen Hawkes
Paul and Sally Hoover
Scott Lariviere
Cindi May
Dr. Amy McCandless, Dean College of Charleston Graduate School
Colin McCandless
Dr. Peter McCandless and Nalan Gurun
Timothy McGrath
Ed Moroney
Mark and Melissa Normington
John O'Neill
Bill and Tammy Patterson
Michael and Duffy Petty
Sara and Chris Rice
Gail Riley
Tedo Simeonov
Corey Smith
Robert Smith (no, not the lead singer of the Cure or the Vikings running back)
Colin Stewart
Jen Thompson
Alex and Liz Thorpe
Dr. David Wiseman
Kevin Yee - Kevin is a graphic designer who is making my business card. Check out his work here.

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Anonymous said...

The time has drawn nigh, good luck bro! Look forward to joining you on the trail in West Virginia or wherever you are when I come up with mom and Duffy. I know you can do it man!