Sunday, April 24, 2011

30 Measuring Cups and A Dream

I know we early days yet, but I accomplished a major milestone today when I passed the mileage total of the great Tramposaurus. Click here to read his legendary blog and hear the tails of an amazing journey from the coast of Delaware all the way to the middle of Delaware. Trust me, the wisdom of Tramposaurus is worth your time. I'm just satisfied to know that, although I am not the person most suited to taking this trip, I'm not the least suited either.
Nalan walked with me today and we knocked out somewhere in the vicinity of 17-18 miles depending on which way you read the distances on the ADT turn-by-turn. There appears to be an error in the mileage, but the directions have been easy to follow thus far.
Our journey took us through the farms and forest between Milton and Bridgeville, including Redden State Forest, where we got down on our knees and thanked the pagan God of shade for his/her kindness. I was raised in hot as Hades Charleston and I'm starting to wonder when 80 degrees became unbearably hot to me. About time to get over that I imagine - I don't suppose it will be getting any cooler in June and July.

17 miles/33 total miles


Anonymous said...

I posted a link to your blog on the Wounded Warrior Facebook page. Hopefully this has/will lead to some more donations. Happy Easter!

Andrea said...

Hey Alastair.. Hope all is going well so far. To be able to see all the history you're going to see must be amazing. Will definitely keep up to see how you're doing. Be safe hun.. :)