Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Bay Bridge Cometh

I took a shorter hike today, but the length was not what I had anticipated. My feet felt good the whole time, even if I do have a blister on my right foot the size of a weather balloon. The weather was cooler and windier plus the day was cloudier, combining for a more comfortable walk than the previous two.
Nalan joined me on the trail today as Dad rested after our major chafage of the day before. I'll leave off on more details, but if you need more information please dial 1-800-Alastair's Upper Thigh. Operators are currently awaiting your call.
We managed to knock out a bit over 13 miles, starting in beautiful downtown Denton. Denton was a major hub of the underground railroad and also boasts the birthplace of Frederick Douglass nearby. Mr. Douglass may not have been quite as proud of his birthplace since he was a slave at the time.
Lunchtime was a rare treat after heading thru nothing but rural areas the last couple days. Our route ran through the small town of Ridgely, where we stopped at the Batter Up restaurant. I enjoyed a Veal Parmesan sandwich. Vote for your favorite meal of mine at whythehellshouldicare.com. I sure hope that's not a pornography site for indifferent partners.
The highlight of the day was a traipse through Tuckahoe State Park, which boasts a lovely lake and a small dam. Nalan spotted an extremely large snapping turtle resting on a log. She thought it was dead, but I assured her he was just resting for twenty or thirty hours as turtles are wont to do. We separated a bit on the way out of the park, so sadly I missed a 4-5 foot black and gray snake Nalan noticed in the ditch aside the road.
We are only about six miles from Highway 18, which heads down toward the Bay Bridge and Annapolis. I'm looking forward to a change of scenery - farms are great, but I think I will see my fair share in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, etc.

13 miles/64 total miles

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