Friday, June 10, 2011

Logan's Done

June 10: I spent today resting in Logan, Ohio and I really learned a lot about the city. It turns out Chief Logan, a local Native American leader was the inspiration for the name, not the movie "Logan's Run" as I had first supposed. The Caucasian settlers in the region decided to also honor the Chief by promising to treat his descendants like humans a hundred years or so later.
Okay, I admit I didn't glean too much about Logan, which prides itself as "the Gateway to Ohio's wonders," but I did learn that Kentucky Fried Chicken has a sandwich that replaces the traditional bread part of the concoction with two boneless fried chicken breasts.
Perhaps, constant reader, you are already aware of this innovation so forgive me for being a bit out of touch with the latest cultural fads. The meat bomb includes bacon and shoots spirals of juice with every bite, so I highly recommend you try one if you can spend the next ten hours exercising and thus avoid the impending collapse of your heart under the weight of all that wonderful, but deadly grease. Oh, the sandwich is known as the double down, to indicate the fact that you are gambling with your short and long term health with every bite of artery-clogging goodness you consume.
That's all from ground zero in Logan, where we are stuck at 620. I plan to move back into the wilderness tomorrow morning.

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g said...

Met you this afternoon at the top of Rocky Fork at Kreashbaum. I enjoyed our brief conversation. I am always fascinated by those like yourself who have the tenacity to complete such an enormous task. Sorry you missed all the excitement Logan has to offer-the Warrior Dash, the Washboard Festival, the Hocking Hills Annual Winter Hike, and Logan Chieftain football!!!! Maybe someday you'll make it back this way!!!! Best of luck on your venture.

g said...

Oh, and I noticed on one of your blogs, you were raised a Lutheran. Well, it just so happens, I'm one too. I really enjoy your blogs. The historical info is great, not sure how you remember it all especially since you're probably far from a computer at times, but it is really interesting reading. Sin Boldly my Lutheran friend!!!!