Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Folks Cometh

I slept until the late hour of 7:30 A.M. and awoke ready for an easy waltz up to Serpent Mound. MC took me on the long drive out to Sinking Springs. I have moved well beyond Richmond Dale and they are incredibly generous to still be dropping me off at this point.
I only scheduled eight miles because I wanted to end at Serpent Mound, so that my brother, mom, and her best friend Duffy could start out with me from there after we fill in the Alma to Nipgen donut hole I left for Saturday.
Three hours was all I needed to eat up that bit of real estate and I arrived ahead of our rendezvous time. Entering the grounds I was passed by couple in a carriage, bringing my Amish count up to nine thus far. Despite being slower than the finest machinery the 19th century had to offer, I did finish with the minutes to spare necessary for me to eat my lunch under the picnic shelter at the Serpent Mound park. Located just overhead was a swallow's nest replete with a full compliment of squeaking chicks.
I got an idea of the small park's layout, although I did not view any of the mounds yet. I'm guessing there is a chance they are shaped like a snake, but I will have to get back to you on that.
On the way back MC showed me the mineral museum nearby, where Tom Johnson has amassed one of the largest private collections of trilobites in the United States. These extinct animals make up a hefty percentage of all fossils found up until one two hundred and fifty million years ago, when they were destroyed in the Clone Wars I believe.
We made the long drive back and awaited the arrival of CAD, as we will now speak of Colin, Amy, and Duffy collectively. CAD showed up in Chillicothe around six after spending some time inadvertently exploring the back roads of southern Ohio. Good prep for our future hikes I should say. MC Snyder took me down to the hotel and we all went over to the Rooster next door for dinner. The Snyders have made many excellent suggestions for us so that CAD can enjoy their visit here and so I can get off my feet a little for a couple of days. Tired from driving we called it a night around nine thirty. Tomorrow I will introduce CAD to the joys of frolicking in the midst of nowhereville Ohio.

8 miles/715 total miles

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