Monday, June 27, 2011

Nattily Clad

June 26: Rain continued to fall as I closed up shop at Tom and Jan's. They shuttled me back to Dilly Deli, where I resumed my travels. I headed through Hyde Park and East Walnut Hills, two upscale sections of the Natty. I stopped only for a quick lunch at the over-priced Cock and Bull pub.
The highlights of Cincinnati were Eden Park and Sawyer's Point, which both boasted stellar vistas of the Ohio River. Eden Park would have been my thousandth mile if I had adhered strictly to an American Discovery Trail regimen, but my adjustments meant I was only at eight hundred and eighteen. I think we saved some time there dontcha think?

Sawyer's Point features statues of Cincinnatus, the Roman hero after which the city is named, and also a flying pig, which commemorates the proud pork processing past of Cincy. I sprayed myself with my bacon-scented deodorant in memory.
After passing the Great American Ballpark I turned left at the football stadium where the Bungles have played something resembling the sport for many years. The river impeded my progress here, but some helpful young man by the name of John Roebling had supplied the solution - a suspension bridge. Roebling is better known for constructing the Brooklyn Bridge, perhaps you've heard of it. The project from Cincinnati to Covington was built earlier and was the longest suspension bridge in the world when completed in 1866.
I headed into Covington and met up with my Aunt Gail and Uncle Tom for dinner. They drove up from Danville, Kentucky to meet me. Gail bought a wonderful meal for us at La Rosa's pizza and we caught up, not having seen each other in the two years since Gail's daughter Jen's wedding.
 I'm staying tonight at the absurdly expensive Radisson, with a plan to escape the Cincinnati area ASAP. I had anticipated very little from the Natty, but I was quite impressed with the city. Alas, the place does not meet my meager budgetary requirements so I must move back into the country. This city living just ain't for me.

12 miles/820 total miles

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