Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Went Back to Ohio....

June 27: I abandoned my quarters early in the morning and headed up a hill to Devou Park. Once atop the crest I was treated to the Kentuckians' view of Cincinnati and the Ohio River. Helpful signs have pointed out to me that the river is in reality now a series of lakes whose level is regulated by locks and dams.
I was trapped in Devou longer than expected by a sudden downpour, forcing me under cover at the museum there. Thirty minutes later the rain let up and I was able to escape the park's clutches. I then said this to Devou.
The rest of my short jaunt into Kentucky took place on River Road, which passed by the tiny communities of Ludlow and Bromley on the way to the Anderson Ferry. In Bromley I picked up a friend, a small dog who asserted herself into my vast retinue of two (including her). I called her "Spazz the Mutt" in honor of the creature's tendency to run amok in a somewhat suicidal manner. This behavior did slow down traffic a bit, which certainly worked to my benefit.
Spazz stayed at my side for the four miles to the landing and much to my surprise hopped on board to ride the fairy, um ferry, with me. I was struck by the realization that I may very well be stuck with a companion.
Back in Ohio, I strolled into a convenient store in the vicinity of the dock. Therein I found someone who promised to keep the dog until he could find his owners. I would love to have a buddy like Spazz, but keeping a pet when I can barely feed myself would be irresponsible. On second thought, I think I'll do it. Well, maybe not yet.
Shockingly, Spazz would not sit still for a photo

The afternoon was a major grind, heading west on Hillside Drive for a mundane six miles. I passed Sayler's Park, Addyston, and finally ended up in North Bend. Exhausted and over-heated I stopped to rest and reassess at William Henry Harrison's tomb around six o' clock.
My options were to head six plus miles further to a campsite outside of Elizabethtown or to take my chances sleeping at the monument site where I currently sat. I let a coin choose and it came up stay, so I remained for another thirty minutes until I grew restless and flipped again. This turn of chance suggested leaving so I packed up and was about to go when a woman arrived at the tomb.
Beverly was her name and after a quick conversation she decided I wasn't a psychopath and offered up the yard behind her church just a couple of blocks away for my use. Timing truly is everything.

15 miles/835 total miles

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