Friday, June 17, 2011

Chewbacca's Grundle

June 14: Inhabitants of the lower peninsula of Michigan describe the shape of that part of the state as a mitten. Ohio, as their long-time rival, should also be described in a similar fashion in order to simplify the geographical explanation process. To me Ohio looks like the part of the human body between the pelvis and the upper thighs. Therefore, I have just reached Ohio's gooch.
In an effort to escape this no man's land I headed out from MC's house after a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, and fruit salad prepared by Connie. Most of the day was spent traversing Scioto (Cy-oh-toe) Trail State Forest. I stayed on the lightly traveled state highway through the park. Heading through the wilderness on mostly unused roads like these still gives you the opportunity to see flora and fauna, plus you can make quick progress without having to slash through heavy brush using your legs as a dull thresher.
The miles went by rapidly since I am slack-packing or not carrying much of anything in regular human speak. I even jogged a little in the early going, glad as I was to be free of my heavy burden. The end of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech echoed in my head. In honor of the temporary end of my heavy pack slavery, the song of the day is "I'm Free" by the Who.
I arrived at my end destination just south of Alma in only five hours, easily knocking out fourteen miles. Google was unsure of Alma's existence, but trust me the town is there. The main landmarks are the Marathon station, the eight room hotel called the Sundown (referred to as the Rundown by this reviewer), and the porn shop where you purchase the videos to watch during your rent by the hour session at the Sundown.
My day's journey concluded, Connie came by and picked me up and returned me to their home in Richmond Dale. We had a hearty supper of steak, potatoes, salad, and vegetables. Mike and I then watched "Raging Bull" which we both pronounced profoundly boring and anticlimactic. Please explain to me why this film is considered a classic.
Thanks to raging bore I fell right to sleep. I'll keep moving into the left butt cheek on my hikes in the coming days, but I will return to the grundle at night. After the uncertainty of not knowing where I would stay on so many days out I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

14 miles/685 total miles

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