Friday, June 24, 2011

Gutting It Out

June 23: Today was a huge struggle for Ken. He awoke in the middle of the night terribly nauseous and was able to obtain very little rest. A virus contracted in Afghanistan is causing him a lot of trouble and the antibiotics the doctors prescribed have exacerbated the stomach problems brought on by the microbe. Water was hard for him to keep down and food nearly impossible.
Nevertheless, being a Special Forces officer, Ken refused to quit and we actually advanced farther than the previous day, going twenty miles from Russellville to Mt. Orab. I couldn't help but be impressed with his toughness in overcoming what was a transparently difficult ordeal. Nothing new for Major Dwyer I guess, but I wish God would give him a break. I'm starting to think Job got off easy.
Ken's father met us at the extremely cheap Green Crest Hotel at six. They left together and headed to Columbus where Ken's pop will be getting remarried this weekend. I am alone once again.

Miles today: 20/ Total miles: 780


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Ken's illness, poor guy. One academic point from a medical historian. If Ken is getting antibiotics, it can't be for a virus. it must be a bacterial infection -- unless a viral infection has led to a secondary bacterial infection, like viral flu leading to bacterial pneumonia.

Love, Dad

Jim Fisher said...

Good Luck Al! Great job you're doing here.

- Jim Fisher