Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Festivus For the Rest of Us

June 12: I had promised Michael and Sabina not to go until after breakfast, so my departure was delayed by their binging of the night before. By the standards of my friends I had taken it easy, just a few beers and in bed before midnight. Others may view my behavior as rampant alcoholism. All value judgments are relative I suppose.
At the crack of eleven Michael rose and cooked a tasty breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and Bangladeshi tea. We said our goodbyes, but my woman's intuition tells me we will meet again sometime in the future.
I moved on as I always must and joined country roads for the majority of the early afternoon. I saw little traffic and met only one human, Gwen, who gave me water and told me of her husband's recent battle with liver and hip ailments. May you have many more happy years together Gwen!
I also learned important news from Gwen. My terrible timing had caused me to miss Logan's washboard music festival, the only one of its kind in the United States - and no doubt for good reason. I'm on a bad streak, missing the Nelsonville Music Festival, held very far from the landfill I pray, and the New Straitsville Moonshine Festival (a highlight from 1978's event is pictured above).
By quarter til four the Buckeye Trail entered Hocking Hills State Forest and I disappeared into the brush. The setting was the same as yesterday, but writ large: ancient forest and hills with formations of sandstone rising above in their rocky glory. I had hoped to see Old Man's Cave today, but I made slow progress and when I reached the Hocking Camping Area around 7 I decided to call it a night.
Ten miles = 641 for the trip.


g said...

Thanks for adding me to your comments of June 14. I appreciate it. I just wanted to inform you of a recent event. On the evening that I spoke with you, a local soldier lost his life in Iraq. He in fact, lived but a few miles from my house. Anyhow, we are receiving word that Westboro Baptist will be protesting here in Logan during his funeral on June 18. There has already been a memorial parade honoring our local hero when his body arrived in town. It was "protected" by the Patriot Guard Motorcycle riders. I have spoken with local police, they will arrest any Westboro protester who is within 300 feet of the funeral, procession or anything related to this soldiers funeral. We are also receiving word that 300+ Patriot Guard Motorcyclists will provide additional protection during the funeral. Just thought you would find it interesting


Alastair McCandless said...

Those people are disgusting, Fred Phelps is one of the most horrible people on earth. Try to ignore them, the whole thing is a scam to try to get people upset and attack them so they can sue for damages. Several of his family members and congregation are lawyers.