Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coming to Seaman

June 21: I took my entourage back on the trail again early this morning. We left our Chillicothe home of four days just after seven and made the drive west to Serpent Mound, which I had reached Friday afternoon before my hiking schedule got all mixed up and nearly impossible to follow. The doughnut hole has been filled now and everything should be back to normal or as close as I can manage to that state.
We spent a few minutes at Serpent Mound checking out the impressively large snake the Native Americans here had erected. The structure here is dated to the early second millennium, centuries later than the Hopewell site we saw yesterday. Since the summer solstice is today many hippies were gathered about preparing to dance around the field naked. As sexy as seventy year old hippies are, we thought it might be a good idea to be on our way.
The Buckeye Trail and ADT head southeast for the next sixty miles so I will be following the Alastair McCandless trail for a couple of days. I'm pretty big on heeding Horace Greeley's advice on heading west, especially since rumor has it the Pacific Ocean is actually in that direction.
The trip covered fifteen miles and was pretty uneventful. CAD took turns driving and walking, while I led the way from about one hundred yards behind mom. She'll probably be about two hundred years old before I can outpace her.
We survived the ninety degree heat and arrived in Seaman, which is only forty miles east of Beaver, around four o' clock. Downtown I learned a little bit about the history of Seaman. Will Roger is from here. No, not the famous one, but rather a "famous" African-American balloonist from the late nineteenth century. Mainly because he was the only one I surmise. Later I immersed myself in the Seaman pool at the Comfort Inn.
As I floated in Seaman, I pondered the departure of CAD in the morning. I will miss their presence greatly, being alone with so much distance still to travel is very daunting at times. Having them here made me feel like I was at home and the daunting nature of my task faded away.

Don't shed too many tears for me yet, however, the news is not all bad. I have been hearing rumors that there may be a mystery guest joining me soon. Stay tuned....
15 miles/743 total miles


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, a mystery guest! Sounds intriguing! I will make sure to stay tuned!

-Sue Gelinas

Anonymous said...

Hope your guest has arrived!!

Joe & Patty Daum said...

Enjoyed meeting you at the Dilly Deli in Mariemont, Ohio, this evening. We will be following your blog and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers..... hopefully, there was room in the Inn tonight!