Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be Who You Aren't

I rose early to beat the impending heat and put Governor Bebb in the rear view, waltzing back into the farmland of Western Ohio. I zeroed in on Oxford as my destination - the ADT turn-by-turn had me about nineteen miles away from downtown. I fiddled with the route a bit, as I am known to do, in order to shave a mile or two from the total.
I was surprised to learn just now that I actually cut six miles off and I only went thirteen miles today. I guess that's how I got here so fast. Perhaps I should have realized my error earlier, but go ahead and spend eight hours in the sun and see how fast your neurons fire.
Obviously my brain was a little fried and in need of rest, so I took it at the Holiday Inn in Oxford. I don't have much to relate to you as a result, except a couple of facts about Miami, University, located here in Oxford. First off, the school/town appears to making an attempt to be confused with another university, either one athletically superior, as in the Miami Hurricanes of Florida, or academically superior, as in the Oxford University. I suggested once that South Carolina try something similar.
Their sports recruiting over the years certainly has to have positively effected the student bodies overall mental acuity. Learning to spell Roethlisberger or Szczerbiak can't help but make you a little smarter.

13 miles/873 total miles

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Anonymous said...

Its much easier to spell RON HARPER. Been to Oxford many times. Its a nice little town but rather desolate in the summer when most of the students are gone.