Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Up in the Dumps

August 16

I joined Gaby and however you spell his name for breakfast and more tea.  I've now had more caffeine in the last twenty four hours than I usually consume in a month.  I do admit I can understand the concept.  My feet were like rockets all day, my energy level through the roof.
Sunrise with my German neighbors

Spirits rose even higher with the reintroduction of tall trees and green grass, which appeared as I entered a valley.  There was even a string of small towns, Bicknell, Lyman, and Loa.  In Lyman I fell victim to a kindness drive-by.  A woman and her daughter stopped, handed me a Popsicle and bottle filled with ice, then sped off before I could say "thank you."  I merely sat there, stunned and smiling.
I was given a second chance at redeeming southern pride when they came back with chunks of watermelon. I at least got off the common courtesy before they drove away once more, saying, "we are working outside today and know how you feel."
Loa was the last in line and where I planned to take leave of Highway 24.  I went to the the ranger's office there and inquired about a road to Antimony I had once heard tell of.  The office personnel were friendly and confirmed the existence of such a path.  They even had an excellent BLM map of the area I could use.  The route will shave five miles from my original one as well as removing me from traffic.  I have about a few day tolerance for vehicles rushing past me, only inches away, at high rates of speed.
I grabbed the map, as well as some provisions at the grocery store and headed into the hills.  The rigorous hike out of the valley tired me, but also brought an outstanding view far beyond the limited scope of my camera to convey.  I at least made it past the Wayne County landfill, which at least did not have the pervasive odor of the notorious dump in Nelsonville.  People of Ohio, I suggest you bury your waste underground in the future.

20 miles/3188 total miles

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