Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Good Germans

August 15

Wednesday was a slow, relaxed hike, the goal of Torrey only twelve miles away.  The hardest part was a one mile ascent up an eight percent grade, the steepest hill I've had to push B.J. up.  At the top I bumped into a fellow long distance traveler riding his bicycle into the Reef.
Twin Rocks, Capitol Reef National Park

Brian is a retired school teacher from Davis, California.  He is heading from his home there to Durango, Colorado in order to meet his two sons so they can attend the USA Pro Cycling Challenge together, sort of a Tour de Colorado as I understand it.  We had a lengthy conversation and I agreed to meet him when I reach his neck of the woods.
The rest of the walk went smoothly, the weather cooling as I head into higher elevations.  By three I was in Torrey, which seems to exist mainly to provide hotel accommodations for tourists visiting Capitol Reef.
Most of these visitors seem to be European, as were my neighbors at the Sandy Creek RV Park, Gabrielle and Uwe (Uver? I can't spell in German).  They were taking a holiday of three weeks from their physical therapying and dental technicianing to explore Bryce, Zion, Arches, Capitol Reef, and the Grand Canyon among destinations.
Over hot tea I heard of their love for the beauty of the southwest.  I concurred and ranted about the lack of good beer in Utah.  They no doubt thought I was an alcoholic.  Of course, maybe that's a positive character trait in Germany.  If so I think I want to go there.

12 miles/3168 total miles

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