Thursday, August 23, 2012

Knob Bobbin'

August 17

In the morning I checked the map and discovered I had slept underneath the shadow of Elsie's Nipple.  They have quite the knack for naming geographical features in Utah.  The morning was spent bobbing up and down over various people's knobs.  I would climb a hill, head downward about half the distance I had risen, then head upward once more.
A couple of miles in I faced the age old dilemma - a fork in the road.  I picked up the utensil; you never know when you might need such a thing.  Then I had to decide whether to go left, towards Jake's Knob, or right, to Parker Lake.  Surprisingly, I chose right and turned out to be correct as well.
The next few hours of the hike were easy, through gentler hills, past grazing cattle and the occasional mule deer or herd of pronghorns.  Small forests spread over the knobs, the bark of the aspen trees used as a sign-in book by every young couple from the three surrounding counties.

Autographed Aspen, not my photo
I hit Dry Wash late in the afternoon, which would take me the last eleven miles into Antimony.  At this point the path began to go downhill in a hurry. I was forced to hold on to B.J. for dear life, my calves burning from the effort.  The wheels wanted to be free, to roll with reckless abandon.  Alas, as much as I would have enjoyed watching the buggy fly off the side of a cliff at full speed, I do have a soft spot in my heart for my water and food supplies.
The effort of a long day ground me to a halt about five miles into Dry Wash (the name seems redundant, if it had water regularly it would be called a river).  I found an agreeable patch of dirt and set up my camp for the evening.

25 miles/3213 total miles

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