Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kill Your Television

August 18

I continued careening to the bottom of Dry Wash in the morning.  My heels dug in against gravity's pull, B.J. and I finally reached a gentler grade after the first hour.
The last mile was an appliance graveyard, refrigerators, washers/dryers, and their ilk rusting out in the morning sun. The cemetery is not a place for an Amana to rest easy, for it doubles as a shooting range, the failure to properly clean clothes or cool meat punished with a few caps in the ass.

As with each small town I've visited thus far, there was one church in Antimony.  The Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints facility was far larger than anyone would expect in a village of barely over one hundred souls.  Over a century and a half after Brigham Young led his people here, Utah is still Mormon country.  Randy claimed 98% of the population in Wayne County are affiliated with the faith of Joseph Smith.
I headed north from Antimony and soon reached Otter Creek Reservoir.  I had lunch at the RV Park there and was well-treated by the host, Carol.  She bought my meal and showed me where I could take a shower and launder my clothes.  I spent a couple of hours going about those tasks while conveniently avoiding the midday heat.
I finished at two and decided to keep going.  There was too much sunlight left to waste.  Circleville was still twenty miles on, so I would have to figure out something in between.  The land was at first dominated by ranches, which had me worried, but I soon reached the Kingston Canyon Wildlife Management Area, an idyllic strip of land adjacent to the east fork of the Sevier River.
The surrounding cliffs sported additional tricks, a series of caves and rock formations unlike any I have seen before.  Utah has numerous state and national parks, but there are numerous other equally outstanding places to visit outside the umbrella of the park system.
Kingston Canyon Scenery

I quit for the day a few miles east of tiny Kingston.  I found an excellent secluded site where the Paiute ATV Trail crosses Utah 62.  I slept soundly under the brilliant starlit sky.

19 miles/3232 total miles

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