Friday, July 22, 2011

Lake Bruce Bruce Lake

I slept in a bit this morning after the drunken hooligans at the pool had kept me up late last night. I believe I am finally being served that cold bit of revenge I earned back during my college years when I participating in such loathsome behavior, which I did not enjoy at all.
Nevertheless, I shot out of Rochester following a quick visit to their library and headed down country road 100 North for virtually the entire day. I had to keep my head down and go slow with conditions hotter than they had ever been and shade a rare luxury. The wind was my benefactor for the early afternoon, limiting the damage of the sun's blazing rays.
The highlight of the day was an irrigation sprinkler whose target mainly consisted of the road - and me. The tarmac did not seem to appreciate the moisture as much as I did, keeping my head underneath for several minutes until soaked. Five minutes later I was completely dry.
Passing motorists, including one man on a tractor kept me supplied with liquid refreshment. If not for their intercession I would have been mighty parched as the way was lacking in pretty much everything besides corn. A foundry worker handed me a Miller Light near the end of the day. I figured I wasn't too likely to be pulled over for a DUI, so I accepted his offer.
Hoosier Hideaway appeared in my site lines just after seven and I stumbled to the office and met the owner, Tom, who showed me where to plop down. He no doubt felt sorry for such a heat-dazed fool and allowed me to stay for free.
Once I crawled into my tent the daily gnat killing began. No matter how fast I zip open the fly, flop in, and zip closed, the insects have already infested indoor, or inmesh in this case. I try to herd them into either of the two flaps of on top, which have an opening I can easily seal, creating a death zone for all of the buzzing suckers who fall for the trap.
Once I had dealt with my home invaders the heat was still a problem. With no wind, the air had failed to cool down much even after sunset. So much for the new religion - I will have to come crawling back and beg the Methodists for forgiveness. Only after a couple hours of lying still and pouring water on myself was I able to finally catch some z's.

14 miles/1043 total


FarmerKent said...

This Medaryville Methodist's opinion is that the only forgiveness you need to seek is God's.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not Harlan and I are following your trip with great interest and enthusiasm!! It really sounds like a great adventure for a great cause!!! Happy hiking!!! Peggy & Harlan, Ocala, Fl.