Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Unlit Aorta

July 19: I'm becoming sort of like Kurtz in a way. Not that I'm insane or so I still believe. Rather, the further I travel the more I run into people who regard my journey with befuddlement or disbelief. The recent heat only adds to the shocked expressions as I shuffle on by. Some are practical enough to offer water, which I accept, or rides, which I decline unless they are off-trail.
I added a new pet today who isn't cleaning up my image - a fly who seems to be tied to my head, orbiting my noggin like a satellite. The picture of a sweaty, tired looking man cursing and swatting at air is not the one I would prefer to present to the casual observer.
Besides philosophizing and swearing I also met some new friends today. Jo, who I met on the road, thought I was crazy, so she took me to meet her buddy Joey. Joey and her husband, a retired Air Force colonel, live on property formerly owned by the legendary musician Cole Porter. Joey served me a delicious ham sandwich and used her influence to persuade the Peru Tribune newspaper to interview your favorite madman about the project.
On the way to the meeting I passed by the International Circus Hall of Fame. Peru is home to a world famous amateur circus and this week is Circus Week. Sadly, I could find no where to stay in town and had to miss yet another interesting event.
I met Sarah, the reporter for the Tribune, at the Toll House in Peru, a lovely mother and daughter owned coffee joint on the Wabash River. I'd love to recount what I said, but the heat had reduced me to one functioning brain cell, enough to talk, but not enough to record what I said.
I passed thru Peru in about an hour and reached the Nickel Plate Trail, which I will travel on for the next couple of days. Absolutely smoked from the heat, I laid down on a park bench three miles into the trail and drifted off to sleep. I had no nightmares but I do remember someone softly whispering, "...the horror, the horror."

P.S.: I'm now over 1,000 miles! 16 miles/1012 total miles

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