Thursday, July 7, 2011

Act One Comes to a Close

Today is D-Day, or David day. My uncle David, along with his son and my cousin, David Jr have come to sweep me off my feet. A group of seven of us is heading up to Canada for a six day fishing excursion. The two units of transportation known as my legs tell me this break is long-awaited and well-deserved, but they are kind of whiny.
Before I could be extracted I had to finish up a leisurely stroll from Marion to Sweetser. The plan was to complete the Greenway and move on country roads, then finish on the Sweetser Trail, which, not surprisingly, runs through the town of Sweetser, our rendezvous point.
Soon after meeting my first Puerto Rican transvestite of the journey I ran into a friendly fellow who notified me that the Greenway and Sweetser Trails were now connected. His timely advice saved me a couple of miles. Serendipity strikes again.
As a result, I stayed on the safer bike trails, soon running into Frank (picture), a former firefighter who helps maintain the Sweetser Trail. He told me things were looking bright for Sweetser thanks to the increased demand for ethanol. A facility located within sight of the Cardinal Greenway turns corn into the clean-burning fuel.
Frank and his friend P.T., who I met later on, both gave road money to help the cause as well. We split up in Sweetser and here I sit, awaiting my uncle. Hopefully this D-day is also a success - and with less casualties.

P.S.: Picked up and off trail until July 19. Sounds like a great chance to catch up on old episodes. See you soon!

5 miles/982 total miles

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