Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jets vs Sharks

July 27: Frances filled up my tank with a huge breakfast of hash browns, eggs, and sausage, then made me a sandwich and stocked me with snacks before Eric returned me to the trail. I hit State Line Road running, eager to complete my onslaught on Chicago.
In only an hour I had reached the outlying suburb of Crete and soon pressed on to Steger. I had heard previously that certain areas on the south of the city did not have a reputation as a place to go if you wanted to extend your life. I never felt in any real danger of becoming a statistic on a show about the Bloods, the Crips, the Jets, or the Sharks. The route seemed to me to be very safe, at least at the time of day I passed through.
I was a danger to myself, however, almost walking in front of a turning car while crossing Illinois 1. Fortunately, mangled McCandless was not on the Roadkill Cafe menu this day.
Several long days in a row since Winamac began to take their toll towards the end, making the last few miles a real struggle. I finally reached the Old Plank Road around three. I haven't found the Icehouse plant yet, but trust me, when I do that putrid brew is going down for all the things it has done to my body. Worst. Beer. Ever.
I did spot an extremely photogenic groundhog, who waited patiently at the edge of the bushes while I fumbled around for my camera. Very soon after I found myself staring at the Matteson Metra watching an inbound train for Chicago leave the platform. There would not be another for almost an hour. I was glad to rest a spell at the station, beginning the theme of rest and relaxation that will dominate my birthday weekend in Chicago. I bid you adieu now, til we meet again on the road.

Back with another episode on Monday, August 1. 16 miles/1049 total miles


Anonymous said...

Power to you! Keep safe! God be with you.

Anonymous said...

Big Al,

I've been waiting to hear you render your opinion of all this crap in Washington.

Congrats on the 1000m marker. Good on you man. I bet you weigh less than 150 now.

Jim Fisher

Beth at CofC said...

Share the picture of the groundhog!

John said...

Alastair - It was cool meeting you today on the I & M Canal path. Good luck with your journey ahead and we'll be following you and your travels. Good luck
John and Wayne Orland Park

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alastair!
We hope you were able to catch a ball game in Chi-Town.
Indiana FNRA
Steve, Mike