Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Among the Ant People

FNRA members Steve (who joined Mike and I at lunch yesterday) and John picked me up in the morning and took me to IHOP for a big breakfast. After some great conversation involving dart and knife wounds, they left me on my own again to navigate the Cardinal Greenway running northwest from Richmond.
The day was long and hot, there is very little to report otherwise. I did capture a couple of Amish souls on my photograph machine, but that is neither here nor there.
Obtaining water was my main obstacle on this bit of trail. There were no towns worth mentioning to hit up for some liquid satisfaction. Despite having kept many of the W signs indicating water for the old trains, they failed to have any water for the current people. The first water fountain was in Losantville, twenty miles into my haul.
Losantville, the birthplace of Wilbur Wright, is also where I spent the night. The village is pronounced Los-ant-ville, Spanglish for the ant town. Cincy was originally named Losantville before someone decided that was a terrible name. The people of Losantville weren't so impressed with it either - changing their town's name to Bronson for some years until the release of "Death Wish 4" led them to return to the old standby, Losantville.
As far as shelter, my old friends the Methodists came through for me once again, on this occasion in the form of Roger, who approached me on the church steps and invited me to camp on his lawn. Roger is the patriarch of four generations living in three adjacent houses. He doesn't need Facebook to keep up with his family. I was invited to share in their Independence Day weekend celebrations. After a lovely supper and an attempt to shoot out both of my eyes with a sparkler I called it a night.

21 miles/929 total miles

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Anonymous said...

What kind of a town changes their name from Bronson? I'm at a loss for words. Sure I admit, Death Wish IV and V were a little excessive, but that doesn't detract from his overall body of work. Bronson will still always be a bad ass. And before this next decade is over Kevin and I will release the much anticipated tribute to the greatest actor of all time.