Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My God

I believe in only one God. The true God who rules us all and without whom there would be nothing. My God is money. You can call me moneytheistic if you like. I bath in hundred dollar bills, use them as soap, shampoo, and body wash. I bow down to gold and silver as well. Anything of value is worthy of worship to me. The one God takes many forms, but it all comes down to one basic precept. Acquire more. When you are done accomplishing that, get off your butt and attain more still. My God is never appeased - there is no such thing as enough. Anyone that gets in the way of my quest for money is crushed, wiped away like a speck of dust from an end table. There can no room in my religion for pity. None for welfare. I don't know these people. They are of no concern to me. Just obstacles in the way of my accumulation. An obstacle easily overcome, because my crusade is all-consuming - no one can stand in the way of my God for long. I have faith that those who work for me will find new ways to increase revenue. Why? If they fail, their employment will not last long. So they find corners to cut, they cheat, they lie, they steal (for me but never from me) in order to stay in their jobs. That is the dogma by which they live. Do not question the pursuit of money. Don't think - just survive. They are but rats scurrying to and fro at my whim. Not human. No, certainly not. I pay them just enough to keep them hungry, to keep them coming here in hopes of a better tomorrow. One that will never come. My God is not for these simpletons who live on the lower rungs of Maslow's hierarchy. They are losers in Darwin's game. I am not one of them. The game of life and its rules are made by me and my ilk. I have the yachts, mansions, cars, wives, stocks, etc. to prove it. They say he who dies with the most wins. I believe that mantra and I live it every day. Never get in the path of my God. It is too powerful for you to ignore and so am I. So just go your merry way, keep your head down, and if you are lucky, perhaps my God will shine down on you as well. But not today. We need to make cuts and trim payroll. You understand.

When one makes twenty million
10,000 people lose
What keeps that one from
swallowing a shotgun?

"The Irrationality of Rationality" by NOFX

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