Friday, February 1, 2008

A Musical Intermission

Up late talking to a good friend, listening to music and it randomly came to me to ask him for his favorite five albums of all time. So I guess I have to pony up mine. Please let me know yours too. If you don't remember how important you are, who will? Only rules - no greatest hits albums, live albums are fine. So in honor of "High Fidelity," here are my top five.

1. Tool - Aenima
2. At the Drive In - Relationship of Command
3. Johnny Cash - Live at Folsom and San Quentin
4. The Pogues - Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash
5. A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step


Anonymous said...

1. Tool Aenima-can't argue with that choice for number one!

2. Rage-self-titled. It still pumps me up and never lets me down.

3. Weezer- "Blue" album. For my money, it doesn't get any better than "the sea is foaming like a thousand pound keg."

4.Sunny Day Real Estate-"Diary"
I'm sorry that they spawned a bunch of whiny emo imitators that suck, but damnit, this album is so melodic and poetic.

5. "Singles" Soundtrack. I know it's not an album, it's a soundtrack, but I grew up in the grunge era and to me this embodies the movement. And the music kicks serious ass.

Anonymous said...

All good choices, Colin. My list could easily change depending on my mood and the day. I definitely buy the Singles argument - how many great bands did that soundtrack introduce us all to? Wow.

R. Mera Velásquez said...

I never got to put mine in....

1. Hum - Downward is Heavenward
indies are fun and this consolidated their music (too bad they broke up)

2. Weezer - blue album
standard as a child of the 90s

3. Nirvana - Unplugged
a fitting end

4. Star Wars soundtrack
i'm a geek

5. Mana - unplugged
This one works if you speak spanish

Alastair McCandless said...

I am very excited to be attending a show in Asheville featuring the Meat Puppets next week. Nirvana covered two of their tracks for that Unplugged album. As a speaker of Spanglish, could I understand Mana?

R. Mera Velásquez said...

I take it back, actually... Mana would be #5 and out of this ranking.... The real #5 for me is Molotov, which is in spanglish and you would understand.