Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Fever Only Cow Bell Can Cure

April 30

I rose early and devoured road like strips of bacon along the Mo-Pac, reaching Eagle by eleven.  I spent two hours there immersed in conversation with a group of farmers, including veterans of the Korean and Vietnam "conflicts."  They warned me of the dreaded Sand Hills and regaled me with the sights of Nebraska I could see if I had more transportational flexibility or didn't want to enter Colorado until sometime in the far off year of 2014.
I finally moved out towards Walton at one, arriving there by four.  My original plan was to stop and ask for accommodations at the Lutheran Church.  Instead, feeling frisky, I continued on, finishing the Mo-Pac and entering the outskirts of Lincoln around six.
I had noted on the turn-by-turn the presence of a hotel on 70th street, but when I arrived at the indicated location all I spotted was a Taco Inn.  Since I can not sleep inside a burrito, though the lord knows I want to,  I soldiered onward in the direction of Holmes Lake.  Being a macho man I refused to ask anyone for directions to lodgings or help of any kind, passing through miles of hotel-free Lincoln.
Holmes Lake in Lincoln

By eight thirty as the light faded my inner little boy gained the ascendancy and I asked a couple out playing with their children if there was a place to stay nearby.  Kevin and Tasha used their fancy Smart Phone,  found a Hampton Inn a few miles to the south, and Kevin offered to drive me there.  I could easily walk up 56th the next day and rejoin the trail at tonight's stopping point so I gave his suggestion a hell yes.  Kevin even took me by a Runza so I could pick up dinner - I had forgotten to eat for hours in my overwhelming lust for a place to stay.
There is one more event to report.  After showering I retired to bed where I was immediately wracked by fever and chills.  I shivered uncontrollably if I left the safety of the covers.  When underneath I felt like I was in the midst of an inferno.  A sudden epiphany led me to the culprit: the heating/cooling unit.  I turned the system off and was well within minutes.

20 miles/1873 total miles

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gretchen said...

Well, you've now had more Runzas than I've ever had in all my years as a Nebraskan.