Thursday, May 31, 2012

Proctor and Amble

May 30

Wednesday was a pleasant surprise, at least for my stomach.  I'd been told to expect little in the way of hot food between Sedgewick and Sterling, which I won't reach until tomorrow.  Not a surprise, population density is no problem in northeastern Colorado.
Eleven miles out from Jumbo Lake my information was proved wrong.  A Mexican restaurant, with an authentic Mexican running things had recently opened in Crook, Colorado, which is not named for Richard Nixon.  While I enjoyed my chicken enchiladas platter I learned from fellow diner Mike about a cafe in Proctor, nine miles to the west.
Lu's Buffalo Stop provided me with a nice dinner of German sausage and potatoes as well as a spot to camp behind the store.  I was warned of the potential for caterwauling, copulating catastrophe in the form of some stray cats who made their home in the midst of the tire piles.
Okay, to be honest, today was rather uneventful, even the cats failed to provide an exciting finish, quietly skulking without disturbing my rest at all.  As a wise journalist once told me, sometimes you have to bury the lead.

18 miles/2334 total miles

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