Monday, May 14, 2012

There's No I in Xylophone

Christ Lutheran Church
May 13

I attended Sunday School and worship services this morning at Christ Lutheran church, conveniently located about thirty yards from my sleeping bag.  A member of the Missouri Synod, Christ Lutheran was one of the first in the area, founded in 1886.  The attached school, which serves children between first and eighth grades, opened five years later.
Amongst the edifying utterances of the pastor was a particularly appropriate one: a reminder that God desires us to be humble and not to court personal glory.   The urge to say,"I walked across half the country, how super cool, way awesome, and fantastic am I," is ever present.  Certainly I did take the steps myself, but without the help of my family and friends - as well as the assistance of the new friends I've met along the way - I'd be nowhere.
The Volzkes, my current hosts, are a case in point.  They allowed me to slackpack today and, released from my usual burden, I was both able to find the time for church and still complete a fifteen mile trek to Lowell afterward.  The miles of country road slid away in a hurry without the weight of the pack to slow me.
Around five the pastor and his wife retrieved me from Lowell, which, according to the historical marker, was founded in 1871 and began to decline in 1872.  Needless to say there's not much left one hundred plus years later of a town which was once the county seat.  As usual, the railroad was to blame, as we will see during tomorrow's episode.
We returned to their homestead by the church and had a pleasant dinner of Godfather's Pizza.  I felt part of the family as we bantered for a couple of hours about a variety of topics.  For a little while I didn't feel like I was doing this all alone.

15 miles/2059 total miles

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