Saturday, May 28, 2011

Around the North Bend

I rose just past sunrise this morning and got on the road quickly, headed toward Bridgeport, West Virginia. There is not much of note to report so far today. The terrain consisted of rolling hills and farms, followed by Highway 131, Interstate 50 and the town itself.
I did have a bit of a scare towards the end. As I walked up the sidewalk nearing my hotel I hit a slippery patch of mud and fell over backwards. The pack broke my fall and besides my pride, which I have very little of anyway, nothing was hurt. Unless something inside the pack was destroyed, which I will no doubt be delighted to discover later.
Tomorrow I will finally reach the North Bend Rail Trail, which, like the C&O, has a number of camping spots. Life will be a little simpler for a few days and I won't have to look for an angel to save me every other day. I am also excited to be meeting Paul and Sharon tomorrow night, a couple that has hiked the ADT in West Virginia from end-to-end. Of course, that is all incumbent on me surviving eleven miles of Interstate 50 on the morrow. Stay tuned.....

11 miles/436 total miles


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Alastair, I wil hit some balls for you today!

Love, Dad

Colin Stewart said...

Still slugging it out in W.Va., eh? Keep up the good work.

In honor of your remarkable journey and in a selfless show of solidarity, I will refrain from bathing myself on Memorial Day.

You're welcome.