Friday, May 6, 2011

A Short Day

My fourth day on the C&O was relatively uneventful. I did finish my fiftieth mile on this particular trail, but we mainly took it easy, as we had started at number 42. We putzed around in Point of Rocks, Maryland after escaping a two mile long cloud of mosquitoes bent on removing our blood. I probably put together my fastest pace yet in an effort to escape their clutches. Only one was able to successfully zap me thanks to the powers of Deet.
Point of Rocks did allow us to have some hot food for the day, including a massive gyro that hit the spot. The library was a bit of a disappointment, though, as I discovered it is only open twenty minutes a week and none of those minutes coincided with my visit.
Our campsite for the night was underneath the railroad tracks, which will join us for the rest of our journey up the towpath. The canal fought the B&O railroad's attempts to buy some of their Potomac property for years, but finally gave in and sold when revenues went down.
Once the railroad was established, the canal's days were numbered; the waterway was just not as efficient a means of transport. A flood finally ended the C&O's operations in 1924. The B&O eventually folded as well, and CSX now operates the railroad, which does a great job of shipping freight in addition to keeping me up all night with loud noise.

8 miles/159 total miles

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