Thursday, May 19, 2011

And on the Seventh Day...

Today I did nothing. My feet were not used except to take me to the Pizza Hut buffet down the street. All my wet clothes are now dry and I will set off come the morn in the direction of Scherr, the wife of Sonny Boner if I recall correctly. The requisite juvenile statements out of the way I leave you now. Tomorrow I will do something.

Thanks to those of you who have done something recently to help the Wounded Warrior Project:
Chris and Christy Carden
Dr. Robert Dukes
Ellen Flaherty
Colin McCandless
Mark and Melissa Normington
Corey Smith

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Kathy said...

This is the first chance I've had since returning from DC and immediately to work at DH to catch up with your progress. I hope you don't have to spend any more nights trying to sleep in the rain by the side of a road. And I hope you meet up with another Swagman.