Monday, August 8, 2011

Total Eclipse of the Pork

August 7: I took the day off to rest my feet and spend time with my cousins. Sue, Brian, and I all met up in the tiny town of Leonore for lunch at Smitty's. This particular dining establishment is known for their prize pork tenderloin sandwich. Brian had assured me the tenderloin here would dwarf what Colin and I had eaten at the Ribber in Portsmouth, Ohio.
As soon as the behemoth hit the table in front of me I conceded his point. The bun was a mere afterthought in the midst of the overwhelming frisbee of meat taking up the majority of the plate's circumference. Holding the sandwich up to my face caused my features to be completely eclipsed in the pork's shadow.
Even with my increased calorie consumption of late I was no match for the whole plate of food. I completed the actual pork and the cute little bun, but much of the breading and most of the vegetables fell off (for some unexplained reason) and I never bothered to bridge the gap between their spot on the plate and my mouth. I figured the ability to move might come in handy tomorrow.
Brian, who has successfully tackled other local eating contests, handled the entirety and got his name up on Smitty's wall. Sue had enough left to bring back lunch for her husband Mike. In fact, she had to fold the remainder in half so the box could contain the bulging girth of the meat.
Later in the day we headed over to Brian's house, where his daughter Quinn was celebrating her 12th birthday. The occasion turned out to be the largest gathering yet, with a total of fourteen relatives assembled there. I am hoping to draw in even more to my powerful orbit for future events. For now, however, I will be getting back on the road tomorrow with an eighteen mile corridor of trail between me and the next canal trail.

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