Sunday, August 28, 2011

One More Time

August 27: I crept out from my cave around dawn Saturday and made my way out of Solon. I had a short day scheduled as Sue and her son Kyle were coming to pick me up for Uncle David and Aunt Jo's fiftieth anniversary party. This trip should be my last back to Ottawa/Peru as I am now almost three hours away by car. I don't know a soul in the states of Iowa and Nebraska, so many miles in unknown territory will be difficult without any guaranteed hope of succor.
The seven mile walk to our rendezvous point in Ely (pronounce eely) was fairly uneventful, although traffic was unexpectedly heavy. I wish these people could contact me about my walking schedule and arrange a detour. I don't think I'm asking to much for such a simple courtesy.
I reached Ely shortly before nine and found the library. Iowa has more libraries per capita than any other state according to a random fact I decided to take as truth without properly researching. You can now look forward to more regular updates of my bacon consumption.
Sue and Kyle met me at the Casey's convenience store about eleven and removed me from the trail for the remainder of the weekend. Like MacArthur, I shall return on Monday. For now I'll be spending a last few hours with my Illinois family. They are a little more forgiving with the deep ruts of welcome I tend to wear out.

7 miles/1412 total miles

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