Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tourney Time

When is the most wonderfully wicked and wacky week? Tis tourney time Tim, the tenacious teams take the tip and tear tendons try to tough out terrific trophies. Every game a chance to see something that has never happened before. Names such as Bryce Drew, Tate George, John Wallace, and Austin Carr are singed into our collective consciousness. Even those who care not for the game of basketball will tune in for the drama and the chance of lucking into a win in their office pool. More importantly, for junkies like myself, it is an opportunity to watch wall-to-wall college basketball for hours on end, knowing that every player on the court is giving it all he has with the knowledge that there is no guarantee of a tomorrow. They call it March Madness and for those of us who love college basketball there is nothing better on the calender. The tipoff is tomorrow and I know I will be there, glued to my television like white on a caucasian.
Update: the first weekend has come to a close. Cinderellas like Davidson and Western Kentucky have survived to make the Sweet Sixteen. Evil empire Duke has fallen, making the world a happy, ratless place. Good guys North Carolina and Wisconsin easily advanced and will face Washington St and Davidson, respectively in the third round. UCLA seems to live on some planet where it is impossible to lose no matter how badly you play. Stay tuned for more excitement starting Thursday!
Update: UNC and Wisconsin lost, but I did win my Yahoo bracket and a grand total of zero dollars. Kansas is your national champion. Congrats, Dorothy!

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