Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winter Quarters

September 14: I vacated Linden in a light drizzle and headed six miles up to the next town. Panora was the current name of the place, which was formally known as Panorama before a desire not to be used in a poem about Bananarama caused the mayor to remove the ma. I competed in the usual town biathalon here, grabbing some food and paying a visit to the library. I also met Sheryl, the mother of veteran of the conflict in Afghanistan. She introduced me to her husband Gordon, who runs the Vedette (a newspaper, not a French booty cleanser). Gordon interviewed me about the tomfoolery I have been participating in the last few months.
The ADT heads north towards Yale here, but I figure my schooling at Oxford and Cambridge to be sufficient. Therefore I headed west instead to Guthrie Center. The decision means I will miss Audubon and I apologize to Dad, Uncle David, Colin, and other nature lovers for ignoring the home of one of our greatest birders.
Tonight is scheduled to be extremely cold, perhaps a record low. Frost warnings are in effect and I had several messages from friends and family suggesting I bundle up with all the clothes I have.
My lack of winter preparedness was never put to the test. In Guthrie Center I discovered the second cheapest motel I have seen on my tour of the United States. With conditions as they were I spent little brainpower pondering whether to pony up for a room. You get what you pay for when thirty dollars is the price, but all I wanted was a warm bed, in which case the accommodations suited me just fine.

14 miles/1676 total miles

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peter said...

Hey I think Audobon was from Philadelphia, anyway! From France originally. Imagine that, our geatest bird man a Frenchie!