Friday, September 2, 2011

Iowa Uncovered

September 1: Many of my friends I have talked to lately think they know Iowa. Flat, boring, full of nothing but corn are descriptions I have heard thus far. Cousin Al even told me Iowas stands for "idiots out wandering around." As a self-proclaimed wandering idiot his statement hit close to home. I feel honor-bound to defend the state against such filth.
First off, Iowa is not flat. There a quite a few rolling hills particularly near the rivers. Compared to Indiana these might as well be the Himalayas. Hoosier roads allowed me to see for an eternity into the distance. Here there is an occasional sense of anticipation for what might be around the bend.
I have rarely been bored by the scenery here either. Sure there is a lot of corn, but the picture of a treeless plain I have been painted is inaccurate. There are forests, prairies, and rivers to spice up the surroundings. The Cedar Valley Nature Trail follows the eponymous waterway on occasion and the views have been outstanding.
Wild life is also common. I've been told foxes, coyotes, deer, and raccoons are everywhere. Some even claim to have seen panthers, but they may have just spotted the Northern Iowa mascot after a few too many pints.
There are otters too as I discovered when I came upon a family of the critters frolicking playfully in a creek. Of course, they just may have been swimming frantically to escape the encroaching human. Animal behaviors can befuddle the inexperienced naturalist.
There is, however, still much to see of Iowa. I served the last of my time on the CVNT today, reaching Evansdale. I would hate to pass judgment on a state too soon. You're doing well so far Iowa, try not to (expletive deleted) it up.

21 kilometers/2382 total kilometers

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Anonymous said...

That's really cool that you spotted some otters in the wild bro, they are amusing animals and graceful swimmers. I went with Dan and Brie to the WNC Nature Center in Asheville today and we were engrossed with the two otters there. Frolicking is an apt description as we watched them play wrestle in the water, engage in a game of keep away with a rubber hose and do other wacky shenanigans. They's just silly's all.