Tuesday, September 20, 2011


September 17: Slow ride, take it easy. I overshot the mark somewhat yesterday so the musical genius of Foghat seemed apropos. I lingered in Atlantic, doing laundry, eating, purchasing supplies, visiting the library, and conducting an interview with Laura, a reporter from the city's newspaper.
Farmer's Kitchen, where I breakfasted on Doug's advice, was a fantastic diner delivering hearty plates and friendly smiles. I only wish I could have shoved one of their homemade pies into my bag.
The journey to Omaha didn't resume until shortly after noon. Once begun, an endless sea of corn faced me on either side. I walked between like Moses, confident a tidal wave composed of the vegetable was not forthcoming.
The short stroll terminated at Cold Springs State Park just south of Lewis. The Mormon exodus to Utah, known as the Pioneer Trail, went through this area beginning in 1846. The non-Mormon residents of Illinois, the state where the sect had resided, clearly became jealous when word of all the tail these polygamists were banging spread. They evicted the Mormons before all that remained for them were onanistic pleasures.
Or Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet, was a power-mad cheap con artist and people were fed up with him and his minions. I guess these things depend on whose history you believe.

10 miles/1727 total miles

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Scott said...

I'm pretty sure most religions are a con.