Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Fractured Fairy Tail or A Tale From a Fractured Fairy

September 7: I'm in Story County now, so here goes:

Once upon a time a good little hiker named Alastair was walking across the great land of Iowa. He was being chased by the evil policeman who didn't want the little hiker to get any sleep.
One fair day it was not too hot and it was not too cold, it was juuuuust right! Alastair left his new friend Sidney, who was still asleep, and trekked to the ancient village of Rhodes. Twas a colossal place and passing through took nearly five minutes. Wow!
In the next village of Collins Alastair met the lovely witch Kesha, who was the librarian and worked in an apple orchard where they made amazing apples, not too green like a Granny Smith and not too yellow like a Golden Delicious - they were juuuuust right!
Alastair knows all about the apples because the lovely witch went home and got one along with a sandwich and potato chips. She made the good little hiker's stomach all full and happy. Kesha also told Alastair about Maxwell, the village where he was to lay his head that night. If Alastair went to the City Hall and talked to the powerful clerk there, he could get a permit, a magical piece of paper that would make the bad policeman go away. And so the good little hiker did!

The End 17 miles/1581 total miles


Anonymous said...

What route do you plan to continue on through Iowa? I would love to help out accomadations if possible. Lots of contacts in the Southwest part of the state. Looks like you might be staying north of I-80 though....

Iowa Native living in Texas.

Alastair McCandless said...

In Des Moines now, heading down Raccoon River Trail to Audubon then south to Atlantic, then west towards Council Bluffs.