Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bowfinger 2: Going Down and Collumbia Bound

20th century Faux Studio announced today that filming has finally begun on the long-awaited sequel to 1999's hit "Bowfinger," starring Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin.
According to studio executive Richard Steele, the movie had been held up by poor scripts and an inability to convince Martin and Murphy to do another picture in the series. All that seemed to change only six months ago when the most recent rewrite of the script reached Steele's desk.
"Thanks to our great writing team we finally found a vehicle that could support the talents of Heather Graham, the only one of the actors from "Bowfinger" who had signed on to do the second film. I think you will agree "Bowfinger 2" is one of the most original screenplays in years."
The sequel will be called "Bowfinger 2: Going Down and Collumbia Bound" and features Graham, reprising her role as Daisy. The character of Daisy in "Bowfinger" is a bit of a whore who uses her seductive powers and lithe body to sleep her way all the way to the top during the production of a movie directed by Steve Martin's character Robert K. Bowfinger. Graham has boldly resisted the urge to avoid being typecast during her career, also playing a whore in "From Hell," "Austin Powers 2, "The Hangover," "Boogie Nights," and "Swingers."
In "Bowfinger 2" we find Graham moving on to bigger and better things. Nowadays Daisy, whose last name we discover to be Halley, has parlayed her success in Hollywood into a political career in her home state of South Calorina.
She yearns to one day be the first female governor of the state, but the old boy network appears in front of her like a brick wall to stop her progress. Halley is forced against her will to go back to her old ways, having affairs with politicians on each rung of the ladder in the Republicanian Party in order to advance her ambitions.
Halley starts at the very bottom of the barrel by having sex with a mere blogger by the name of Will Fulks (played by Viggo Mortensen) and moves on to the upper echelon with other trysts, including one with a lobbyist, Larry Merchant (played by Bob Costas).
Her open legs open doors and soon she is battling for the Republicanian nomination for governor. Saboteurs within the party don't want a woman to win and suddenly reveal Halley's affairs. Republicanian party hack Jake Notts (played by Abe Vigoda) also tries to use Daisy's half-Indonesian background against her, calling her a camel jockey.
The scandal threatens to destroy the Halley campaign. Daisy, hurt and confused, goes for a hike on the Appalachian trail to clear her mind. While there, she meets a mystic named Mark Samford who, after getting to know her carnally for a day or two, tells her what she needs to know to defeat her foes. Thanks to his sage advice she manages to win the nomination. For fear of ruining the last five minutes of the movie I will stop here, but some questions remain unanswered.

Will our hero Halley beat her opponent, the Democritic Vincent Sheehan (played by Gary Oldman) and become governor? Will she move on to greater heights, even the White House? Who will she screw along the way? Carl Rove(played by a bowl of jello) or Rupert Murdock (played by Satan)? To find out what happens next, make sure to be the first in line for tickets when "Bowfinger 2" is released in December of 2011.


Anonymous said...

Hey bro, just got back in town from Gainesville this weekend from our homecoming, so just getting to my e-mails now. Enjoyed the movie satire especially the line her "open legs open doors." Nice. I always feel sorry for you and mom when I read up on the wacky South Cackalacky politicians. Sometimes I wonder if the republicans have just cloned Palin in a lab to create Halley and O' Donnell. Although O'Donnell sometimes makes even Palin look halfway sane, if not still clueless.

I did catch one redundancy from the story. I don't know if it was intentional or not because I am tired right now, but you did put repeat the phrase 'reprise her role as Daisy.' That's the main thing I saw.

Hope you have a blast at your homecoming this weekend! Say hi to everyone for me. I will watching the Panthers play the 49ers in the toilet bowl.


Anonymous said...

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