Wednesday, June 24, 2009

100th Post

We here at Thoughts Askew are all about customer service. As a way to commemorate my 100th post (I know it seems like 987 to me as well) I will be writing about whatever you the dedicated reader would like to hear about. Tired of hearing about politics, food, drink, or who would win a fight between Danzig and a group of dead black men? Make the puppet on the keyboard entertain you with a story about a water-skiing squirrel (that would be cool as I already have a picture). Please send in your requests over the next few days and I will count the votes and start pounding out your story on Monday. Thanks to all of you out there who care enough to visit and especially those of you who comment, you make it worth the time and effort I put in here.


Ms. Red said...

congrats on 100!!! I think I hit that already, but since my posts are short and usually not well thought out, if I have thought them out at all I don't think it counts in the same way. Maybe if I get to one thousand it will equal one hundred of yours!

Ms. Red said...

You could post on the whole istanbul/constantinople deal in tribute to your upcoming trip to Turkey. Incorporate They Might Be Giants remake of the Four Lads song. I don't know! I am short on ideas right now!

rjmera said...

A love reading your thoughts, bud. Always entertaining, insightful and extremely well written.